Trouble understanding SELinux?

Yes, many people seem to have that, so you are not alone. When first confronted with that rather large and underdocumented framework, it also took me a while to not give up and then a bit more time to understand most of the basics. And with the lack of documentation it doesn’t really get easier.

Looks like someone at Red Hat had the same feeling and funded Murray McAlliser to write The Security-Enhanced Linux User Guide. After skimming over it it looks like it builds up on the SELinux policy which is in Fedora 9 and 10, which is a good step forward from the policy set in CentOS 5 (and let us not talk about CentOS 4). So not everything mentioned in that guide can be used directly on CentOS 5, but the basics are explained somewhat better than in the Deployment Guide.

So if you want to or have to work with SELinux for the first time this guide definitely is worth a read.

I just stumbled over this on Dan Walsh’s SELinux blog and thought I’d share it. This also has a plethora of SELinux knowledge in it.

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